Local Scout leader gets Police commendation after finding missing man

John Lechmere, a Scouter with the 51st Ormskirk (Upholland) Scout Group was awarded a Lancashire Constabulary Divisional Commendation at a ceremony at the Police’s Hutton HQ on Tuesday 19 November.

Earlier this year, he was made aware that an extensive police and public search for an elderly man missing from his home overnight was taking place in the countryside around Upholland. It was quite cold and there was concern for the man’s welfare.


John knows the missing man and set out with his dog Tia to search the fields, woods and thickets north of Upholland towards Beacon Park.


This was a real community effort of the police, family, friends and neighbours of the missing gentleman. I’ve lived in Upholland for 40 years and spent ages covering this ground and know every hiding place a Scout can use in the evasion game Manhunt” said John.


John located the missing man and helped get him back home. The gentleman is now being cared for in hospital.

John has been a volunteer with the 51st Ormskirk (Upholland) Scout Group for over 28 years and would recommend being an adult volunteer.

Ormskirk is set to open its newest Scout Group soon at the Civic. You can get your youngster to take part in a taster session on Thursday 23rd November and 30th November, they are also looking for adult volunteers.