Ormskirk 10 results, photos and report

Sunday 6th October 2019 saw three hundred plus runners take part in the Ormskirk 10k. The race started and finished at Ormskirk cricket club. The course went along Altys Lane, Scarth Hill, Catherine’s Lane and Poppy Lane. The weather was ok for the race with only a bit of wind and rain.

The first runner to finish was Ian Roberts in a time of 35.07 and he was followed by Adam Simpkin in a time of 35.50. The First Lady to cross the finish line was Honor Thompson in a time of 43.03 and she was followed by Jessica Crook in a time of 43.34.

There were 335 runners and they all enjoyed the support from the spectators along the course. The organisation from Dominic Grant and the marshalls helped the event go very smoothly and the free beer after the race was the best way to finish the Ormskirk 10k. Make sure you enter next year and let’s see if we can get 40 runners!

Ormskrik 10k organiser Dominic Grant (above)

Photos below supplied by Peter Wilkinson, Joseph Caygill and Mike Price, results supplied by Ormskirk 10k.

More pictures available via the Ormskirk 10k Facebook page


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