Ormskirk residents unable to park in road after hike appears

Residents who live on Marians Drive at the Heskin Lane end came home from work on Thursday to find that they could not drive down the road to their homes. Work has began on replacing a gas main and residents have found that the road is closed and there is a long hole in the road with barriers.

One resident has been in touch with OrmskirkLive and sent us some pictures.

The resident said “I had to park my car at the junction of Haslam Drive which is quite far away from my house. Now I know to expect some disruption during works like this but I have never seen anything like it in my life”.

They continued “I asked my neighbours if they had they been informed that this was being done and every one that I spoke to had said that they were not informed that this hole would be dug and we would not be able to get our cars near our homes or how long this situation would go on for. My husband has called the Balfour Beatty help line and has been told that residents were informed”.

At present residents have no access to their driveways or to park outside their homes. Hopefully there will be no need for any emergency vehicles. Any pregnant and new mothers will struggle to carry bulky items to their cars/house and elderly residents are having to walk to get to cars. One disabled resident might not be able to leave his property. Residents say not enough signage or lighting on the barriers and to cap it all the work men are littering. Have you encountered any problems?

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