Support Our Stores – Jenny Clayton Makeup Artist

This week we are featuring local Makeup Artist Jenny Clayton. We have asked her some questions to find out a little bit about this local business. Remember the money you spend in local business, stays in the local area. So Support our Stores.

1. How long have you been in business? 

Name of my business is Jenny Clayton Makeup Artist , I have been in business 13 years

2. Who is the owner/manager? 

Jenny Clayton

3. What type of business are you?

I specialise in all types of makeup , wedding makeup specialist , I teach one to one makeup lessons ( teaching qualified) , photo shoots and will be attending London fashion week this year.


4. How many people do you employ? 

I employ myself but also work alongside hairdressers.

5. What are your opening times and days? 

I work freelance so opening times vary depending on the job.

6. Explain your business in less than 500 words. 
I’ve been based in and around Ormskirk all my life , I teach all types of makeup in sessions from teenagers to any age! I attend wedding fairs to offer makeup services to brides , I’ve also worked on fashion photo shoots.
7. Can you give a one off offer for local people? If so what are you able to offer? 
Follow my social media pages to check on offers.
8. What are your social media links (eg facebook page etc) 
Instagram   @jclaytonmakeup
Facebook.    Jenny Clayton Makeup Artist
9. Does your business help the local community in anyway (host events, charities etc) 
I offer my services to the local community and encourage younger girls to have makeup lessons early to help look after their skin and feel good about themselves.

10. Are you baby friendly? 

I’m freelance

11. Are you dog friendly? 

I’m freelance

12. What are you proud of about your business? 

I feel proud that I’ve been in the industry for over 13 years, I have had some amazing experiences; from being involved in someone’s special day; to working for L’Oréal in fashion; taught makeup in high education; worked with amazing people and I’ve just got a place to do makeup at London fashion week. I love making people feel amazing and teaching makeup in one to one sessions.
If you would like to be featured, then please email

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