Support our Stores – Dempsey’s of Ormskirk

This week we are featuring Dempsey’s of Ormskirk, Artisan Fare. We have asked them some questions to find out a little bit about this local business.

Remember the money you spend in local business, stays in the local area. So Support our Stores.

1. How long have you been in business? 

16 months

2. Who is the owner/manager? 

David Dempsey

3. What type of business are you?

A small Café, homemade food and community vibe

4. How many people do you employ? 

7 people

5. What are your opening times and days? 

Closed Sunday & Monday

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday 10-4pm 

Thursday, Saturday 9-4pm

6. Explain your business in less than 500 words. 

We are a locally owed small café who produce high quality homemade food that is very reasonably priced; favourites being Lancashire Hotpot, our homemade pies especially Orme’ Viking pie, soups, all day breakfasts and cakes. We use local produce; all our breads/tea cakes are from Greenhalghs and meats from West Lancashire Butchers. We offer take away food and drinks and were possible use Fairtrade. We make and sell famous Ormskirk Gingerbread and our own delicious Sticky Ginger Cake. Inside our café we have pictures displayed reflecting Ormskirk history, we have a community notice board, display art for sale by local people and have started a small book exchange; on a Tuesday we host a knitting/sewing circle with a free drink and we are hoping to start a book club. We offer outside catering and bespoke projects e.g. Gingerbread Favours. Relax with dominos, cards and chess. 

7. Can you give a one off offer for local people? If so what are you able to offer? 

The offer we would like to make is on a Tuesday 20% off for older people for an indefinite period

8. What are your social media links (eg facebook page etc) 

Facebook: Dempsey’ of Ormskirk

9. Does your business help the local community in anyway (host events, charities etc) 

Yes, In November we coordinated a community poppy wreath and raised money for the Royal British Legion through selling poppies and gingerbread poppies. We ran a 100 year World War 1 art competition with a local primary school, displayed the art and gave prizes. We collect money for the food bank and at Christmas made Gingerbread Angels which we sold to raise money for the Food bank. We have hosted church prayer meetings, art classes and meet the author. We want our café to have a community vibe and are always looking to work with groups and individuals. We will soon be launching a community “Hope” Christmas Project

10. Are you baby friendly? 

Yes, and young children 

11. Are you dog friendly? 

Yes but dependant on the dog and the business of the café as we are small 

12. What are you proud of about your business? 

That we have so many regular customers who enjoy our food, ambience and ethos

If you would like to be featured, then please email

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