Teenager suffers ‘major trauma’ after accident on A59 in Ormskirk

A 13-year-old boy has been taken to Liverpool’s Alder Hey hospital after yet another accident on County Road near to the Hayfield Pub. The incident happened at around 3pm and police closed the road from Southport Road to Yew Tree Lane.

Ambulances and police attended the scene and an eyewitness said that they saw someone being treated on the side of the road under a silver blanket.

The eyewitness said “I was driving along County Road and saw blue flashing lights. I spotted a coach near to the injured person appeared to have a smashed front window and people were helping someone under a silver blanket, the police had just started to direct traffic away from the area”.

Police have been on the scene since 3pm and the road remains closed.

The junctions by the Fiveways pub and the Hayfield Pub are well know accident hotspots, whilst the junction by Yew Tree Lane is also problematic.

In 2013 when 44-year-old motorcyclist Alan Mifflin died in hospital after a collision on County Road near to Yew Tree Road.

In December 2017 69-year-old John Roberts died after a crash involving a his BMW and a HGV on County Road near to the Hayfield Pub.

In April 2018 motorcyclist David John Stevens died after colliding with a car on a County Road.

In August 2018 a three car crash near the Fiveways closed the road but thankfully nobody was seriously hurt.

What do you think needs to be done to make this stretch of road safer?


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