Police chase teenagers causing nuisance on motorbikes around Skelmersdale

Police responded to calls, Sunday January 13th, after reports that a group of teenagers on motorcycles were causing a nuisance and driving dangerously in and around Skelmersdale.

Police offices traced them to Pimbo Industrial Estate where they attacked a police car with rocks and smashed a window. Thankfully no officers were injured.

Whilst further colleagues were making their way to the area, more teenagers on motorbikes arrived but then dispersed. They headed off at speed in different directions. They were pursued by the police, along with the police helicopter throughout Skelmersdale.

The group entered Merseyside where they continued to be sought by colleagues at Merseyside Police.

Insp Bernie Coburn said: “We are aware that many residents and drivers will have seen these hoodlums, who have absolutely no respect or consideration for people who live in Skelmersdale, driving at speed and generally causing a nuisance.

“Our aim was to arrest them and get them off the streets. We followed some of the ringleaders in our attempts to detain them but unfortunately, they made off over the border into Merseyside where our colleagues at Merseyside Police took over the search supported by the police helicopter.

“We are aware that off-road bikes causing a nuisance has been an issue in the area, however, on this occasion, we believe the incident occurred following a pre-arranged meet up on social media by people from Kirkby. If they return to Lancashire we will be looking to arrest them.

“If you have seen any videos on social media showing these people driving dangerously on our streets, please make contact with us as you could help our investigation.”

An Audi A4 linked to the people involved, along with a motorcycle believed to have stolen during a burglary in Southport but used during the incident, have been recovered.

If you have any information or any video footage please contact Lancashire Police.

One comment

  • Regarding the idiots on motorbikes in Skem, I encountered them leaving the Pimbo Ind us trial est’ whilst pulling out of the road that travels across the Moss to News Lane in Rainford. 6 of them turned in to that road to cross the moss and the others continued towards skem town centre and turned left off the rb towards Karlvella. They stopped two cars ahead of me and were abusive to the drivers, I stayed back as I have encountered their abuse personally before now. I went a different way home in order to avoid them. 5 or 6 more bikes joined the group at the large rb nearest to the Moss. This may not be of any help but worth leaving a message.


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