Generosity of public helps abandoned dog Boo with life saving surgery

The generosity of people touched by rescue dog Boohas enabled her new owner to arrange for her life saving surgery. Over £13,000 has been raised to enable vets to help give Boo and her forever family a life together.

Her relieved owners told the good news on Facebook and Twitter and their relief is clear for all to see.

People responded when they read the story of how Boo had a very hard start to her life. She was cruelty dumped aged around 16 months of age. This was after she had been used as a breeding dog. After being dumped, Boo was scared, running around and was hit by a car between Liverpool and Bickerstaffe. When found, she was skeletal and was given only 48 hours to live.

The abandoned dog was nursed back to health by Carla Lane Animals in Need and on the 4th April was lucky enough to find a family to love her.

All was fine until midway through June when Boo developed breathing issues. A trip to the vets revealed massive injuries which included three litres of fluid in her chest and the signs suggested she was at risk of heart failure.

After being referred to Northwest Veterinary Specialists for further investigation, they found out it wasn’t her heart. They did find the following problems, a diaphragmatic hernia, diaphragm rupture, her liver and gall bladder sitting in her chest.

They took her straight down to theatre and had to remove some of her liver, some of her lung and liver lobes. They had to open up her chest, cut through her sternum to sort out the injuries.mess so although she is out of surgery she is critical for the next 48 hours.

The surgery cost just under £6,000,of which £3,000 was covered by insurance. Sadly once she recovered from the operation, she will need another to replace her hip, which will cost £7,000. The insurance will not cover this, leaving her owners with a bill of £13,000.

Well done to all who have given to help this beautiful dog have a chance to enjoy love with her forever family.

To see a video of Boo happy please go to

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