Young dancer takes first steps towards to West End shows

A young lad from Skelmersdale has successfully auditioned for Stage box musical theatre company and secured a place to be on their elite team. Bradley West, from Base Dance Performing Arts, auditioned for Stage box in June, going through a rigorous and competitive audition process. Stage box only accepts 25 Juniors & 25 Seniors into their Elite Team programme and hundreds applied. There were only three places up for grabs this time and Bradley was one of the three juniors who was successful.

Stage box is for exceptional young performers aged 7-18 years old and Bradley now has the opportunity to be seen in West End shows, UK Tours, International Tours, in Film, TV, across the UK.

Claire Lloyd (Principal of Base Dance) said “Bradley has been a pupil at Base Dance Performing Arts Academy in Burscough, near Ormskirk, for a couple of years and has grown into a confident young performer, he wants to fulfil his dream on stage and I, alongside his very supportive family, fully support Bradley in doing so, he is a very talented and hardworking young performer”

Stage box operates alongside the children’s training academy, which is fantastic, Bradley will continue to be trained at Base Dance, in conjunction with his training with Stage box. When Bradley was accepted, Stage box said “Whoever has trained Bradley should be very proud, they have done a great job with him” All at Base Dance are very proud of this young man.

Photo – Bradley West, from Skelmersdale

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