Woman banned from entering Southport Town Centre

Merseyside Police have obtained a two-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) against a Southport woman after she was convicted and sentenced for shoplifting.

Sara Francis Wilson, 41 years, from Eastbourne Road, Southport was given the CBO at Sefton Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 18 April.

She was convicted of the theft of shampoo and conditioner from B & M Bargains on 20 January 2018.

The CBO will prevent Wilson from entering Southport town centre in the area bounded by and including Kingsway from its junction with Lord Street to the junction of Eastbank Street with its junction at Chapel Street, to the junction of London Street encompassing Central 12 Retail Park to Hall Street to the junction with Kensington Road to the junction of Hoghton Street to the junction of Manchester Road continuing along Leicester Street to its junction with promenade, to its junction with Kingsway, to the junction with Lord Street

Other prohibitions for Wilson are as follows:

She must not enter the following outlets in Southport:

– Debenhams, Lord Street

– Boots, Chapel Street

– Lidl, Virginia Street,

– Boots, Central 12

– B&M, Lord Street

– Dobbies, Benthams Way

The order lasts until 17 April 2020.

Community Inspector Graham Fisher said: “Criminal Behavioural Orders are an extremely effective tool in tackling persistent offenders. The successful application for a Criminal Behaviour Order for Wilson shows our commitment to dealing robustly with repeat offenders who have a negative impact on the community.

“Any breach of this order upon his release will result in further action being taken against him, and we will act on all information provided should Wilson breach any of these conditions.”

Anyone with information on anti-social behaviour or violence is asked to speak to local officers, call 101 or 999 if a crime is in progress, or you can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111


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