All potholes to be fixed properly and within a week in West Lancs – Sorry April Fool

Sadly this story was an April fool. Drivers will have to carry on driving on some of the worst roads in Britain.

However, things are not so bleak, as Ormskirk Live recently posted this story about potholes and the Monet available to fix them.

Ormskirk, Burscough and most parts of West Lancashire will be looking forward to driving on the roads soon,as West Lancashire Council declared potholes will be no more. Council Leader Adrian James Oké, said” Enough is enough, I was driving through Burscough to Ormskirk recently and decided to count the potholes, I had to give up as there were so many!”. Mr Oké and the council managed to find some extra cash to set up a mobile pothole repair team. This team will be on 24 hour call out to fix dangerous potholes and not by just drawing a white circle around them or filling them whilst still wet.

Here is a breakdown of how much it costs to fix a pothole:

Drawing white circle around pothole = £100

Placing traffic cone inside pothole =£500

Filling a pothole without clearing debris or water = £1000

Clearing the area, cutting back the affected area, cleaning and making ready and putting in new surface = £15000

The council has even put a new weblink together for people to register a dangerous pothole and will fine the team if not fixed within a week. The link is


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