Sick of potholes? Then let the council know

West Lancashire has some of the worst roads for pot holes in the North West.

Lancashire council announced a £30million programme to renew transport infrastructure including roads, streetlights, and bridges early in March 2018.

There is £23m to resurface roads and tackle potholes following the damage caused by long spells of wet and cold weather over the past winter.

£10m plus pothole fund has been set aside to fix potholes, carry out minor repairs and to prevent potholes occurring. Part of the pothole fund will include £2m to address problems on 47 residential roads where potholes are constantly occurring.

The busiest routes are to see £8m invested in maintaining them, with 68 schemes to renew A, B and C roads.

The repairs are part of a 15-year plan to improve the health of Lancashire’s highway infrastructure.  Using survey data to help decide when it’s the best time to carry out preventative maintenance, before more expensive repairs or replacement are required.

There is also £1m to prevent flooding by upgrading and maintaining drainage systems, as well as £0.5m for schemes to improve road safety, and £0.5m for cycle safety.

If you would like to alert the council to a fault on roads, pavements, cycle paths, public right of ways, street and traffic lights or flooding incidents then use the link below.

If you wish to contact Lancashire Council there is information here.


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