Council Tax rises in West Lancs for 2018/19

People in West Lancashire should have received their Council Tax bill for the forthcoming year. They will notice that there is quite a bit more to pay this year.

The charges for every service have increased by 3 % but the biggest rise is a whopping 7.2% for Policing in Lancashire.

Depending on which band you are in, you may see your bill increase by as much as £90 which is about a 5.65% rise on 2017/18.

Council tax 2018-19

For details on the changes in council tax levels for all of the main local authorities in West Lancashire:

For details on the total council tax amounts payable for different areas and council tax bands:

For details on the income raised by each authority through council tax:

The leaflets below give further council tax information for the current year and the previous year.

Spending plans

In 2018/19 the council proposes to spend a total of £84.206 million on providing day to day services for the local community. This spending will be funded by £77.328 million of income raised through grants, rents, business rates, interest, fees, charges and other sources resulting in a council tax requirement of £6.878 million.

Planned spending

The council’s net budget requirement of £12.635m will be funded 55% from the council tax, 32% from retained business rates income and grants, and 13% by general government grants.