Joseph’s a five-year-old litter hero

Joseph Mayson-Webb has been bugging his mum Danielle for a litter stick for ages and finally his mum got him a stick from Poundland and he was made-up. Once the litter picker was in his hands, the five-year-old kept bugging his parents to go out to pick up some litter. Eventually mum took him around Spinner Mews and towards Ormskirk Town Centre.

Joseph was having a great time picking up cups, paper and cans discarded by thoughtless people. After an hour the trip had to finish as they had collected a full bag of rubbish. This young lad should be applauded for helping out his local community but it’s a sad state of affairs that people still see nothing wrong with dropping litter on our streets.

Joseph will be out again soon and he may even have his best friend Jack with him. His proud mum said ” He really wanted a litter picker and now he has one, he just wants to pick up litter, he loves his stick and we were amazed at how much litter there was!”