Close the windows, it’s Flying Ants Day!

Flying Ants Day has arrived in Ormskirk and surrounding areas such as Burscough. People will start to take cover as thousands of insects take to the skies in hordes.

The day occasion occurs when the insects sprout their wings and head off on a ‘nuptial flight”.

The ants fly off to hunt for a mate, before settling in a new place to start a colony.

[wpvideo NgdBXjPF ]

So what are flying ants and why do they fly?

The most common type of flying ant is the black garden variety whose nests have a single queen. They have anything from 5,000 to 15,000 workers.

Workers, who are all female, live for just one month, whilst queens can live for more than a decade.

The queens spend most of their lives safely in their nest and they only leave the nest for the “nuptial flight” as immature queens to mate and ultimately found their own colony.

Once mated, the queens lose their wings – and become those larger ants you see walking around. These are new queens hunting for somewhere to set up a nest.

Flying ants are not dangerous and are unlikely to bite. They are however very irritating to those sunbathing in the sunshine.

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