Houses, houses and more houses in new revised Local Plan

West Lancashire Borough Council has put a revised Local Plan out for consultation. The plans show a huge increase in housing and will affect some of the best farming land and green belt in the heart of West Lancashire.

The revised thirty year plan proposed by the Labour administration will see swathes of prime farming land turned into housing estates.

Pictures on the Our West Lancs Facebook page show the impact of the housing on the local areas.

In the Ormskirk area over 2000 houses are planned to be built between New Lane, Scarth Hill Lane and St Helen’s Road. 1000 student beds are planned to built along St Helen’s Road beside Edge Hill University and a Technology Park is planned on St Helen’s Road. Another 170 houses will be built between Ruff Lane and Wigan Road.

The population of Ormskirk is presently around 25,000, this would be a major increase to the local infrastructure.

The fields in the image below, currently seems as prime farming land, would be transformed into housing estates.

In the Skelmersdale area 4000 homes are planned to be built between Lyelake Lane and Dickets Lane. 150 houses to be built on Vale Lane and Spa Lane with a further 2000 homes to be completed Off Rainford Road. The plans also show two areas of New Employment Developments off the M58. Again, this is areas mostly used for farming and how will local infrastructure cope with potentially 6000 more properties?

Parbold and Appleby Bridge are relatively fine but 600 properties along an area already struggling with flooding could create more issues.

The Local Plan is in consultation so make sure you check the West Lancs Brough Council website to stay updated with the Local Plan.

To view the plan, click Local Plan


There is a council cabinet meeting to discuss the plan at the council offices in Ormskirk on Tuesday 11th September at 7pm. This is your opportunity to put your opinion across. If you want your say make sure you attend.

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