New parking charges for Ormskirk Town Centre

Our West Lancashire (OWL) have recently posted about proposed changes to the parking costs in Ormskirk Town Centre. Their post says,

Notice of the upcoming parking charge changes has been given, the details are clearly visible in the text images.

What do you think?

Those who would like to object to it, including retailers and those with a commercial interest in these changes, can contact the Borough Solicitor

They also published the following photos which show how the costs are set to change.

With 10 pay and display council car parks in Ormskirk town centre providing approximately 933 parking spaces, the new charges will allow people to park for up to three hours for £1. This includes both short and long stay car parks,part from the Council Offices Car Park which will offer 30 mins free parking.

This should encourage more people to visit the Town Centre and see more money staying local.

Do you think this is a good idea?

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