Could this Liverpool player be the cover star for FIFA 2019?

A FIFA player website has been running a poll to see who should be the cover star for FIFA 2019, and Liverpool FC player Mo Salah is winning by a landslide. Over 183,616 people have voted in the poll and Liverpool star Salah has 140,257 votes. That is an amazing 76% of the votes.

His closest rivals are Barcelona legend Lionel Messi with 14,473 votes and Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo with 10,469 votes.

So could we see the Egyptian superstar on the cover? We will keep our fingers crossed.

Here is the top of the poll.

Here is a  mocked-up of what Mo Salah on the cover could look like.

nintchdbpict000359793874-2 copy

If you would like to take part in the poll for the cover of FIFA 19, go to the link below.

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