Homeless man in Bickerstaffe bus shelter

We have been past the bus shelter for the past few days and the ‘homeless’ person has sometimes been there and other times not been there. He could be getting a coffee from Starbucks or there may be some other reason. We have had some people suggest he has been there at 4am in the morning and some people have sent us pictures and dash cam video of him. The first video is from Tuesday March 27th at 3pm, it shows the homeless person at the bus shelter. A picture sent to us on Thursday March 29 at 7am shows no homeless person at the bus shelter. We have also just received a dash cam video of the shelter at 8am on Thursday March 29th which also shows no homeless person.


We are not judging, we are simply giving you the facts we have. The parish council have yet to respond to our email, so we are still under the impression that according to Bickerstaffe Parish Council, this person is not homeless.

Read the statement from Bickerstaffe Parish Council here

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